If your into new or old Enduro-Trail Bikes then this Website-Forum is worth checking out.
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My Contact details 
Po Box 1626
Victoria, 3632
Ph Mick on
0407 887 109


I started this website as I had looked at many others but they did not cover what I like most and that is Enduro-Trail riding for young and old
either sex and for any skill of rider to meet others and talk about all things bikes,etc.
The website has a big Vinduro following ( Vintage Enduro Pre 85 ) these events have been around since 2007 and are a
great day out in a non race event that 16y plus can enter, you ride as many or few laps as you like over a 4 to 6 hour time frame, you can stop
for drinks-eats when ever you like or you can just go non stop if thats what you wont to do.
Lots at this website also have modern bikes and we get out on ride day-weekends as often as we can.
For those that race modern bikes feel free to let all know when and were your events are going to be,there is a spot on the forum for everyone.
I look forward to seeing this website-forum become a great spot to hang out and meet new people.
Cheers Mick.

Contact email address: walkabout_10@yahoo.com.au